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Hello world!

September 23, 2009

So I’ve decided I need to try keeping a blog of my life and thoughts if only for myself.  I am 47 years old and am struggling to understand how my incredibly rich and blessed life has gotten me this old this fast.   I need some perspective or maybe a therapist but I thought the blogging might help me with both.  Remembering all that I do daily and growing into the wisdom that age and life has to offer.  I’ve got opinions on all kinds of things and think that saving some of the thoughts and ideas that I have might be valuable to someone if only to myself in helping me remember and organize my thoughts.

I think you might find crazy random stuff on my blog that doesn’t tie together well but that is kind of where my life is right now.  I have lots of interests and want a place to save those things for the people that might be interested in knowing about them.

I suspect I’ll rant, talk, write and show pictures of all kinds of things that happen in my life.    Thanks for reading and please chime in on the comments section if you’ve got something to say!

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