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Another Old Kodachrome Slide

September 24, 2009

So I couldn’t sleep partly because I was kinda excited about seeing what slides were going to be in this tray.  It takes a long time though to scan slides, getting them in the little tray straight, going over all the settings and then finally scanning.

lobster traps - Maine Oct. 1988 - Kodachrome SlideInterestingly enough though I feel like I have opened a treasure box filled with familiar friends.  While I don’t quite remember too much about the trip I am really pleased with my pictures…I was pretty good 20 years ago…and really surprised at the Kodachrome.  I wouldn’t say it’s faded but it’s changed…deeper blues…I would have expected that more from old Ektachrome slides.  This was another old one that I’ve been looking at kinda fondly.  There’s something a little surreal about it with all the traps in the shadows and their color…but the one in the sun seems color wise probably right on.

Glad that I’m finally scanning them to enjoy them.  Maybe I’ll find that one perfect shot somewhere in all my trays of slides.  Here’s a link to the other slides from this trip.

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