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Warm Fuzzy Moments…

October 3, 2009

This morning was one of those special moments that you can experience Ianwith a child that makes you realize you need to treasure the moment.  So last Wednesday was my friend, Ian’s birthday.  He turned 6 and we gave him a beginner guide to birds, butterflies and caterpillars.  I also gave him some pictures of birds I have taken as part of a beginning exercise to see if he could find them in his book.  This morning I heard him outside asking Keith if he had seen his butterfly net.  He was looking all around and couldn’t find it.  Next thing I hear is Ian telling and showing Keith the butterfly he caught.  So I went to the door and see him perched looking through his book trying to find out what kind of butterfly he’s got flying  in his little butterfly box.  The moment was heart warming–I grabbed my camera before I went out to him.  He told me then how he had found a butterfly but couldn’t find his net and how he went on to figure out how to capture the butterfly so he could look at it closer.  I know I had the biggest smile on my face while he told me his tale.  He looked for the butterfly in his book and settled on two that he thought looked like it and we decided together after closer examination of the butterfly that he had caught a Cloudless Sulpher female. (I hope…)  I quickly realized that he’s already outgrown the “beginner” books I got for him.  He has an eye for the detail he sees and his books are not as inclusive of all the species in our area that he needs…I hope we can continue with his parents to nurture his appreciation for the natural world.  It’s such a priviledge to be part of his life and see the world through his eyes.

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