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Happy Birthday Mary Elaine and Emerson!

October 13, 2009

Today is Mary Elaine and Emerson’s birthday.  Emerson isn’t with us emersonanymore in this world.  This is the first birthday that Mary Elaine is without her Dad.  It’s very hard for her.  It’s hard for us too.  We want to continually celebrate Emerson’s life…he had a good long one.  He would have been 91 this year.  But we miss him.  He was such a loyal and loving person.  We have lots of wonderfully warm and funny memories of our life with him.  He loved well and was loved well…and that’s a really wonderful thing to know.  This picture of him with Jordan just reminds me of the constant smile that was on his face when his family was with him…especially his Jordan and Erin.  We love you Papa and smile thinking that Mama and Mom are laughing and playing tricks on you!  I’m sure the solid gold bicycles in heaven are great fun to ride too!

Mary Elaine also has a birthday and I found this old picture of Frances her mother with her.  She looks to me like she was around 18 months to 2 years old.  I’ve always loved this picture of both of them.  We don’t have many pictures of Frances as a young mother and Mary Elaine is just too cute.  I know it’s a hard birthday for Mary Elaine, this first one without her Dad but I MaryElainealso know that he would want her, his “Snooks” to be happy today.  She marked the occasion with a Seafood buffet at Shady Maple — Emerson would have loved that — all you can eat and free for the birthday girl!

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