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Inspiration and Shout Outs!

March 6, 2011

I wanted to write a little bit more about my inspiration for joining the Avon walk.   This picture here to the right is the way I remember my Mom, Beverley for me as an adult.  It’s funny as I look back through old pictures of our family how we all change through time.  This is one of my favorite pictures of her with my daughter Jordan.  I remember that moment as a very spontaneous one that I am so glad I captured on film.  My Mom looks so relaxed and happy to have Jordan leaning in on her.

The next picture is one of the last ones that was taken of  Bev with me. Often what has happened through my life is that I have ended up taking all the pictures and am not in any of them.  This was the last time Bev made it home to her beloved Montreal to be with her sisters, brothers and extended family.  It’s so bittersweet to see this picture because it came at the end of a long course of chemotherapy and we thought she was out of the woods with a good prognosis with a lot of life left for her to live. I’m glad I have this picture.

So my journey to the Avon walk comes from a place of love for my mom and missing her so much.  It also comes from the courage that I witnesses from my friend, Beth D. who worked with me.  She was taken from this world far to young.  And I walk for my great Aunt Jane who shouldn’t have had to die by this disease.

And I am truly walking honoring the ones that have fought breast cancer and are living fully…Lori, Karen and Tracy! And I walk hoping every nickel I raise helps my friends Mary, Shelley, Rita and Sandy fight back and be rid of forever the cancer they are dealing with.  You are all an inspiration more than you could know to your family and friends.  My love, prayers and energy is with you on every step I walk training and during the official walk and beyond.

A huge shout out to my initial supporters!  Richard – thank you for setting the bar and the pace for my financial support.  Maureen, Karen, Lauren, Danni … you created a huge excitement for me in supporting my walk.  I look forward to sharing with you my journey and knowing that you are in this with me!

If you would like to support my walk with a donation to fight breast cancer, please follow this link:


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