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Tired Tootsies!

March 12, 2011

Today was my 2nd official training walk…we did nearly 6 miles.  It was definitely a bit easier than last week … my only weird oddity is that my right hand seemed to be swollen till we were done.  Jordan will probably have some biology based reason for me which will help me figure out what happened and maybe how to keep that from happening again.  I’m hoping she will write a guest blog for me on lactic acid.  After last weeks walk and the soreness I encountered the next day she sent a comment to my blog all about lactic acid and why I was sore.  Unfortunately the comment never made it to me and is lost in the web somewhere  but maybe I can get her to expand on it some more.

So today was a very full day.  Keith and our neighbor split wood all morning across the street at our neighbors house and I hauled it in a wheelbarrow for a couple hours adding to our woodstacks.  While on one hand at the end of that I felt like I must have for sure walked 10 miles and lifting logs the whole time by myself that was enough of a workout for today.  But then Keith pushed me to do the training walk and while it may have taken a little longer than I would have liked…all in all I feel really good.

And tonight we’re headed to the mall to look for an evening party dress for Erin, so more walking!  This has got to be all good for me training wise and weight loss wise!

If you would like to support my walk with a donation to fight breast cancer, please follow this link:

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