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My Avon Walk Training Begins!

March 3, 2011

So my journey begins to walk for a cause! I will be walking with my brother Wayne this July in San Francisco for the Avon Breast Cancer Walk.   I’ve been thinking this might be one of the hardest things I’ve ever done…training to be able to walk 26 miles one day and then the next day get up and walk 13 miles. Ok so maybe there have been a couple things that might qualify as harder…having babies …bearing witness to the cancer that took my Mom’s life.

In some ways thinking back to when my Mom was with us there was certainly a lot of physical pain and care taking that I now wonder how I did but there were many “gifts” that came during that time …lots of love shared by family and friends with her and me and my brothers, grace, support, moments of truth of the past, present and future.

So my decision to join my brother Wayne and do this walk 3 years after my Mom died is partly because I need to. I have some grief that I really need to work through and push to a really positive place and I think this will just be a crazy intense thing to do with Wayne and for myself and in honor of 6 special women that are dealing with breast cancer now or are survivors…and for my Mom (Beverley), my co-worker Beth, and my Great Aunt Jane who all left this world far too young because of breast cancer.

So asking for your help in raising money to help get rid of breast cancer and help those who are fighting it is an easy thing to do. We all know too many people who have breast cancer or some other kind of cancer.

I hope to keep writing here about my training as it begins. I have some ideas for some special training walks that I would love for folks to join me. And I want to have a party or 2 between now and July 9 to celebrate the people we know that are survivors and they women who now are wonderful memories for us to hold on to.

So keep checking back and I sure do appreciate your support in helping to raise my share of money to fight this disease.

Check out my personal Avon walk page and make a donation to fight breast cancer today!  Here’s a link for you to get there:


End of 2010 Resolutions

December 21, 2010

I’m not quite sure where 2010 went so quickly and I can’t believe all the times I had something to write down here in this little blog…and couldn’t get it done but I’m remotivated to make some changes. 

2010 was a great year.  Lots of exciting things happened and lots of great conversations took place.  There have been a couple of things though that I’ve wanted to write down if only for myself to dive into.  They are 1) Renewable Energy and how easy it is.  We now have a solar array on our house.  It’s been terrific and I want to share just how easy it is to add yourself to the grid, reduce your carbon footprint and lower our need of oil. 2) Menopause…yikes I’m coming up to it…actually I’m probably in the throws of it.  I want to be a voice for what changes. How it feels and what I think about it.  I need to reclaim this part of my life that always sounds so “old”. 3) Weight Loss!  I need to do it and am on the journey.  More on that later 4) Photography.  I get to take pictures of so many beautiful people and want a better forum to show their smiles!  I’m so humbled by the way people hang my pictures in their homes and just want to share back with them how beautiful they are.

So just as my weight loss journey needs commitment I’m going to try and commit the same to my blog…even if I’m the only one that reads it!

Holiday Greetings From The Rutter Family

December 21, 2010


February 20, 2010

So I just haven’t had a chance to write before this about the wonderful evening we had at Morimoto’s in Philadelphia on January 31.  We went to celebrate Jordan’s 20th birthday and Keith’s 20th anniversary working at POGO.  We had an early reservation because we had a 3 hour drive home when we were done so in some ways it felt like we had the place to ourselves…there were people there but it wasn’t packed.

The food was incredible.  There was so much food I won’t even be able to recall it all.  Hopefully Jordan will comment here and fill us in on all the courses.  But for a brief overview. Keith & Jordan had the Omakase…which translates to Chef’s choice!  You are served 8 or 9 courses of whatever the chef wants to serve you.  This was such a highlight and amazing experience.  There was excitement with each dish that was brought forth.  In true Rutter form we all got a little taste so that we could all experience it.  Each dish was so different even though fish was a common theme throughout.  We also got a Chef’s choice sushi platter.   You pick the price you want to pay and the luxouriousness of the fish is based on that.  Again I wish I had a picture of how really beautiful the platter of sushi was and the fish itself was just unlike anything I’ve had before.  I also need to say we had ordered 2 drinks that were amazing and the desert was out of this world.

At the end of the evening we were thanking the manager for a wonderful evening and also thanking him for the service that our server gave us.  She was kind, funny and very helpful and then they presented Jordan with an autographed by Morimoto menu of the evening as a birthday keepsake.

So it’s a pricey night out but more like an event.  It’s an Iron Chef’s restaurant after all.  We’ve been to 2 other Iron Chef’s places and they are a notch above.  We had so much fun.

And yesterday I got a card in the mail from Morimoto’s thanking us for coming.  Now when have you ever gotten a card from a restaurant?  We can’t wait to go back again … it is an incredible memory for any special occasion!  Here’s the card (and what a pretty card it is) !

Sweet Dylan and Silly Sydney

February 11, 2010

I decided to post these 2 pictures in honor of Sydney’s 5th birthday!  She’ll be 5 tomorrow – February 11, 2010.  Little Girls are so much fun to be with.  I had the pleasure of spending a very unseasonably warm January day with Sydney and Dylan and the longer we were together the more comfortable they became with my camera.  We found ourselves in this wonderful little vintage clothing store in Chapel Hill and Sydney was trying on hats and giving me her New York pose…there were lots of giggles and smiles.  She was so much fun to photograph.  Here’s my favorite picture of her from the day.

And then we found a Starbucks and Sydney, Dylan and I got a Vanilla Frapacino.  I’m not sure about Sydney but this was Dylan’s first frap.  She LOVED it!  Oh my gosh it was like she found something better than a milkshake…she had a hard time sharing and as you can tell from the picture she was pretty intense about getting her share.  Dylan was so fun to be with and once she warmed up the giggles and laughter came rolling out.  I love this picture of Dylan because it really is her eyes that I found myself watching.  She takes everything in and is a thinker.

Needless to say I can’t wait to spend time with Sydney and Dylan soon – it was fun to play with them and photograph them!

White House Holiday Tour

December 26, 2009

POGO staff were invited to tour the White House in all it’s holiday granduer this year.  After 3 security checkpoints we were finally inside to see the Holiday spectacle.  It was a wonderful time to be in the White House…I think in total we counted over 22 decorated Christmas trees.  Every room seemed to have it’s own theme.  Two of my favorite rooms were the red room with the cranberry garland’s on the fireplace hearths and the room with the big Christmas trees with balls from all over the country and world on it.  Here’s a link to my meager gallery of pictures from the day.  I was mostly badgering Erin and Emma into posing for me as we worked our way through.

Craziest Christmas Decoration Ever

December 26, 2009

Ok, I took this picture of this Christmas decoration on a house in Leola, Pennsylvania.  It was so random and bizarre when we passed it  that we decided to turn around and go back to take a picture.  Seeing 2 pairs of legs hanging from the porch in nylons and a “Christmas” skirt was just a little strange to me.  Keith didn’t think they were as strange as me…he said of course they are the Rockette’s legs…but then again I say where are the rest of their bodies?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.  This one wins the prize for most bizarre in my books.